Analysis on the construction requirements of powder coatings

Update:30 Jul,2020

Powder coating spraying construction should strictly implement safety measures, and users should consciously abide by the production. Regarding the construction requirements of powder coatings, many customers are not very familiar with it. Let's follow the editor for a brief look.


In order to give full play to the characteristics of powder coatings and prolong the service life of the coatings, its characteristics can be fully utilized and the service life of the coatings can be prolonged. Check immediately after dust removal. If defects are found after curing, they should be dealt with in time. If defects are found after curing, the area is small and the surface is not affected. Diluting powder of the same color with acetone can repair the surface decoration of the coating. If the range is too large and does not affect the surface quality, you can use sandpaper, then spray or use a paint remover to remove the coating, and then apply.

Pay attention to ensure the thickness of the paint film, generally controlled between 70-100 meters, which is conducive to the formation of obvious patterns and larger patterns. If the coating is thinner, the pattern is not obvious, and the pattern is smaller. At the same time, pitting corrosion and substrate defects will occur. Maintenance needs to be carried out at the specified temperature and time. If the temperature is too low and the time is too short, it will not be shaped, and its mechanical properties will be greatly reduced due to incomplete curing. After spraying the recovered powder again, the pattern will become smaller or have no obvious change.