Recycling of powder coatings

Update:22 Jan,2021

Powder coating is a kind of environmentally friendly coating. Its solvent-free volatilization and reusable overspray coating make it popular among consumers. However, paint coatings are still widely used in various occupations, and they will inevitably cause serious problems. The spoiled appearance.
In recent years, many powder coating manufacturers have continuously reclaimed powder coatings in the production process in the market, mainly recycling powder coatings, powder coating waste powder, spray powder, etc., which is not only environmentally friendly, but also cost-saving.

What are the benefits of powder coating recycling?
Although powder coating recovery only recovers some recoverable powder materials such as powder coating, electrostatic spraying waste powder, spray powder, etc., it is also a way of capital recovery and reuse after all, which has important implications for powder coating manufacturers . The recovery of capital is a merit that benefits the country and the people, and it is also a major event. It not only reduces the economic losses of users, but also promotes the development of the powder coating manufacturer itself. More importantly, it expands the utilization rate of capital and constitutes a benign Of the loop. While powder coating is beneficial to the general environment, the dust pollution caused by poorly recycled equipment has a severe impact on the small environment of the spray area. Due to the lack of recovery effects of powder coating recycling equipment, the powder spraying scene is always dusty working environment and unkempt operators.

The form of powder coating recycling
Different sources of spraying equipment use different recycling principles. And with the grafting, fusion, and derivation of various forms of equipment, the equipment seen is of all kinds, and the recovery effect is very different. The general trend is that expensive imported equipment has good recycling effects, while many brands of cheap small equipment have poor recycling effects. However, these small devices are used the most, have a more extensive impact on coating, and can better represent the level of coating.
Common recovery methods: filter element recovery + ultimate filter; filter element recovery + direct discharge; large cyclone + filter element combination; small cyclone + filter element combination; cyclone recovery + bag filter, etc.

How to improve powder coating recycling capacity
After the powder comes out of the spray gun, there are the following types of destinations: it is absorbed on the workpiece and becomes effective paint, falls on the bottom platform of the powder spray booth and becomes the platform to recycle powder, recycles on the filter element and is shaken down for recycling or cyclone separation for recycling. , Intercepted by the ultimate filter, discharged or directly discharged from the primary recycling, falling to the workplace from the opening of the powder spraying room.
⑴Increase the effective use of powder, adjust the high-voltage static electricity of the spray gun, use the automatic control system to stop spraying where there is no workpiece, the workpiece is well grounded, manual spraying or the development of robot intelligent spraying similar to the painting system, etc.
⑵ Reasonable optimization of powder particle size distribution to reduce the amount of ultra-fine powder. In the powder manufacturing process, ultra-fine powder (less than 3μm) is removed, so that the amount of powder that passes through the filter material is reduced to a minimum.
⑶Increase the filtering area and improve the filtering accuracy. On the premise of ensuring a specific negative pressure in the spray booth, less powder will pass through the ultimate filter. To this end, you can consider using enough spray area ceiling or wall, design it as a powder filtering and sedimentation space, while the filter material can contain more powder, the slow flow rate is conducive to the filtration of powder and separation from the air.