Powder coating has decorative and anti-corrosive effects

Update:28 Mar,2020

Powder coating has the characteristics of no solvent, no pollution, recyclable, energy saving, environmental protection, etc., which can reduce labor intensity and mechanical intensity. It does not contain toxic, solvent and volatile toxic substances, and fully meets the requirements of the Environmental Protection Law.

This product has a high utilization rate of raw materials, which can reach more than 99%. The pre-treated coating can be applied at one time without primer, which can obtain sufficient film thickness, is easy to realize automation, has high production efficiency, and can reduce costs. The coating is dense, good adhesion, good impact strength and toughness, chemical resistance, and good electrical insulation.

Powder coatings are made of a certain proportion of additives (such as special resins, color pastes, curing agents, etc.), hot extrusion, crushing and sieving. Stable storage at room temperature. After electrostatic spraying or fluidized bed immersion, heating, baking, melting and solidification, a smooth and bright film can be formed to achieve the purpose of decorative corrosion.