Overview of powder coating coating process

Update:19 Mar,2021

Powder coating is a method of coating the surface of a substrate with a powder material, heating it to a fluid state, and then curing it to cover the surface of the substrate to form a protective or decorative coating. Powder coatings have many advantages over traditional liquid coatings, such as better environmental performance, thicker coatings can be obtained with one application, and various styles.

Powder coating application is still more complicated in some aspects, and it is necessary to select the appropriate products and coating process according to different needs. So how to do powder coating?
1 First determine the type of substrate to be coated. Powder coatings are divided into two types: thermoplastic and thermosetting. It is necessary to select suitable powder coatings according to different substrates to achieve the best coating effect.
2 Before painting, disassemble all threads or lubrication interfaces, and all parts that do not need painting. It sounds simple, but many people forget this step. The powder coating will adhere to everything, including screws, nuts, bearings and other parts that do not need to be painted.
3 Thoroughly clean the metal surface. Use shot blasting or sandblasting to treat cemented carbide to remove dirt and rust on the surface. Use chemical solvents to clean the grease and coating on the surface, and can be polished. If necessary, aluminum, magnesium and other soft metal alloys can be cleaned with a solvent and polished with a wire brush.
4 Coat the powder coating on the surface of the substrate. By using a spray gun or a compressed air sprayer, the charged powder coating is adsorbed on the surface of the grounded substrate. The price of the spray gun is based on the supplier, and a minimum of US$100 is recommended. In the experiment, the powder can be sprayed directly on the surface of the metal plate.
5Choose an appropriate temperature to cure the powder coating attached to the substrate. The oven can be used for curing. Generally, it can be applied to metal substrates of relatively small size. Large-scale substrates can also be cured by infrared or other flameless heat sources. Normally, the object is heated to 175~190℃, about 10~15min, and then cooled.

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