Application of PE wax and PP wax in powder coating

Update:25 Aug,2021

The application of PE wax and PP wax in powder coatings, powder coatings are green, environmentally friendly, non-toxic and harmless coatings that everyone likes very much. It can be rich and colorful in our society, and it has not caused any harm to our environment. . Environmentally friendly powder coatings have entered our green and environmentally friendly family with its characteristics, so that it can be expanded more rapidly.


Powder coating is actually a kind of coating. It is used on the appearance of some ships and pipelines. A layer of powder coating is applied to these centers to prevent corrosion.


We know that when the ship is flying at sea, the metal hull is prone to corrosion when it comes into direct contact with sea water. Therefore, at this time, you need to apply a layer of stable seawater-isolating paint on the outside, and the chemical properties of the powder coating are very high. The stability, so the performance in this area is also very outstanding.

Wax can play a role in the curing of powder coatings. Whether it is matting or improving the performance of the film, the first thing to think of is to use wax. Of course, different types of waxes play different roles in powder coatings. Because powder-coated substrates have small molecular substances on the surface, especially for porous substrates such as cast iron, cast aluminum, and zinc substrates, this type of wax solves the coating caused by the above substrates such as pores, bubbles, and depressions. Layer defects.


The wax is distributed on the surface of the coating film to protect the coating film, prevent scratches, abrasions, and provide abrasion resistance. Generally, propylene modified wax is added, which is particularly effective for dark flat formulations and low-gloss sand-grain formulations.


Different types of waxes have the soft touch of special silk. Also due to the non-wetting properties of waxes to other coatings, anti-pollution coatings can be prepared. On the contrary, when considering the recoatability of powder coatings, if the surface is not easy to wet, the powder is not easy to powder. Wax applied to powder coatings is to improve the surface properties of the coating film, including improving the smoothness, scratch resistance and water resistance of the coating film. It was later used to influence the rheological properties of the coating, such as degassing, improving the leveling and extinction ability, and changing the surface state of the coating.