Analysis of the superiority of powder coatings

Update:29 Nov,2019

1. Health and environmental protection, reduce pollution.

As environmental regulations become more stringent, the coating industry is looking for ways to improve coating technology to reduce environmental pollution. After long-term experiments, "powder coating" was finally developed, which is the most ideal coating technology that can be achieved at present. It does not use volatile solvents such as organic solvents and water, so it is an inorganic solvent-based coating, which greatly reduces the potential safety hazards caused by solvents. Since the appearance of powder coating in the 1950s and 1960s, no powder coating has occurred. And a major safety incident.

2.Easy transportation and storage

Ordinary coatings contain about 20-50% water or solvent, while powder coatings have neither water nor solvent, they are completely solid, easy to transport and safe. In addition, coatings containing water or solvents have low transport and storage temperatures. At 0 ° C, it often freezes, and powder coatings do not have this problem.

3.Excellent performance

As long as the powder coating is directly sprayed on the appropriate pre-treated iron or aluminum material, the coating film surface with excellent performance can be obtained after baking, such as the durability of the coating film, including: abrasion resistance, impact resistance, Adhesiveness, toughness, corrosion resistance and chemical resistance. Compared with the traditional paint odor residue, this paint can quickly dissipate,

4. Considerable economic benefits

Traditional liquid coatings, which contain both water and bacterial food, are easily contaminated by bacteria. Because the powder coating is sprayed using the electrostatic principle, the coating equipment can be fully automated without wasting human resources. Even if manual assistance is needed, the painter can spray a good coating film without long-term training. The powder coating is 100% solid and does not require any solvents, saving packaging and reducing storage space. In the spraying process, if there is a bad spraying part, you can blow it off with an air spray gun before baking, and then spray it on. Therefore, the phenomenon of surface paint flow and dripping is unlikely to occur, thereby reducing the probability of recoating.