About powder-coated steel and aluminum and galvanized steel coatings

Update:09 May,2020

Powder-coated aluminum is an attractive and durable material for outdoor furniture. It is lightweight, corrosion-resistant and has a very good appearance. Powder coating is a polyester-based coating that uses polyester beads of uniform size, which are electrostatically charged and adhere to the substrate. The coating is as thick as an epoxy paint, but because it will be static charged and then baked / cured onto the base material, it will not flake or flake like paint or epoxy. The color is softer than similar colors and the coating depth is greater.


Aluminum does not rust in nature. It will not have a red / brown rust color like untreated steel. On the contrary, under adverse conditions, it will oxidize into a cloudy and white powder finish for a long time. In order to prevent this oxidation, we first use high-quality aluminum and powder-spray it using the above process. The seal formed on the outside of the aluminum acts as an anti-corrosion protective layer and produces a uniform and beautiful surface on the aluminum.

Powder coated steel
Steel is strong and can be used for outdoor furniture. It is heavier than aluminum and does have the potential to rust. We apply powder coating to steel furniture. The weight and feel of steel represent high quality and durability. We hope that the surface treatment agent can also produce this feeling of longevity. We use the same powder coating process as detailed in the section above (Powder Coated Aluminum). As mentioned above, the sheath formed on the steel component is also effective in preventing potential corrosion.

The color and surface texture of the powder-coated steel provide a beautiful protective layer for your outdoor furniture to resist the effects of nature.


Galvanized steel powder coating
The teak warehouse also provides steel furniture that has been galvanized. This is a thin layer of zinc material, which gives the steel high rust resistance (it will not rust when the galvanization is intact) and gives it a beautiful original, metallic, multi-dimensional silver and gray. This surface treatment effect is lasting and beautiful, and has a unique surface treatment effect, which is not found in many outdoor furniture. This surface treatment is not a powder coating. This is a completely independent process that deals with the corrosion resistance of steel and provides the final quality. It is listed with the above materials because it has similar care instructions and the same basic materials.